3-Ingredient Unfried Ice Cream

If you live anywhere near the Southwest, chances are you have been to a Mexican restaurant on your birthday and you can probably still hear that familiar birthday song they sing as they bring you a perfect scoop of fried ice cream.  Yum.  I love fried ice cream.  However, if it’s not your birthday, a tiny scoop of it will set you back about seven dollars.

Today, I’m sharing an easy recipe for “unfried” ice cream.  It’s much healthier, cheaper, will not create a greasy mess in your kitchen, and has all the same flavor notes you experience in a perfect scoop of fried ice cream.

All you’ll need is some french vanilla ice cream.  French vanilla, as opposed to American vanilla, contains eggs which give it a more custard-like taste.  I bought a whole half gallon of Kroger brand for about $3.50.  Sprinkle some cinnamon on top, and then drizzle on some honey.  When the honey hits that cool ice cream, it creates a sort of crust which is absolutely divine.  And so, for about $5, you can have a practically unlimited supply of “unfried” ice cream.  You might be a little skeptical that this could taste like fried ice cream without the fried breading, but seriously, when you taste this, you will get all those same flavors for a lot less calories and money.  Enjoy!


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