Blue Ridge Reservoir, Arizona

Somewhere in between Payson and Happy Jack is this picturesque little stream, East Clear Creek.  Look how it winds back and forth around the pine-covered hills.  Isn’t it idyllic?  The water is calm and smooth, making it a ideal kayaking spot.  Kayaks are high and Gabe and my wish-list!

Gabe and I packed a picnic lunch for our day here.  This creek is somewhat off-the-beaten-path, which is great but also means that there are no shops for miles around!  Make sure to bring food and plenty of water if you visit.  Lunch tastes better with this view!


Getting to this creek is half the fun!  Gabe and I headed north on the 17 from where we live in the northwest valley.  And Camp Verde, we took 260 east.  It’s crazy how the vegetation goes from dry desert bushes to lush pine trees in no time at all!  Then, we headed north on Highway 87 until we got to Forest Service Road 751.  When you exit onto FS Road 751, you are high above the creek, and you will catch some pretty impressive views of the creek below. This road takes you straight to this portion of East Clear Creek called Blue Ridge Reservoir.  Once you are there, have fun exploring the winding creek’s banks and finding the perfect spot to spend the afternoon.


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